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School Club Roundup

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School Club Roundup is an amateur radio event for clubs and individuals, especially those that are associated with elementary, middle, junior high, or high schools, or colleges. The objective is to give young people experience with on-air activity in a contest-like format by exchanging QSO information with any amateur radio stations.

Flash! The February 2013 Results are available!
The October 2012 Results are available!

2015 Dates
WINTER: February 9th-13th, 2015  Ends 23:59Z

Download a full copy of the School Club Roundup Rules here.


There are a couple of logging programs specifically designed for the School Club Roundup contest. Computerized logging will greatly increase your accuracy, shorten your submission time, and insure quicker processing of your logs. We highly recommend that you log and submit your logs using one of the programs.

The School Club Roundup Cabrillo Specification is availble in txt and pdf format by clicking on the respective hyperlinks.

Manual logging can be done, but it is not recommended. The recommended form for manual logging is attached to the Summary Report Form, available here.

Log Submission:

Submit your log electronically by emailing it to scr@limarc.org.

Manual logs can be mailed to:

PO Box 392
Levittown, NY 11756-0392

Summary Report Form:

If you are using computerized logging, you will need to fill out the online Summary Report Form located here. If you are manually logging, you will need to fill out and mail the paper Summary Report Form is available here.


For more information about the contest and how your club can participate email scr@limarc.org. For the latest information and best support join the School Club Roundup Yahoo Group by following the link below.


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